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Remember to be careful

At times when many people are fleeing an armed conflict, there may be individuals who seem helpful but who want to take advantage of the situation.


Resi­dence permit in accor­dance with the EU’s Tempo­rary Protec­tion Directive

The Temporary Protection Directive means that Ukrainian citizens and persons who are refugees or have subsidiary protection in Ukraine and have left Ukraine after the Russian invasion can get a temporary residence permit in Sweden. You can apply for a temporary resident permit at Swedish Migration Agency.

Housing through the Swedish Migration Agency

The Swedish Migration Agency are responsible to accommodate you if you are in need of housing. This applies to all people that have applied for residence permit in accordance with the Temporary Protection Directive. You are not able to choose location of the housing through the Swedish Migration Agency.

If you need the Swedish Migration Agency’s help with housing, you must visit the Swedish Migration Agency in person.

You can also choose to arrange your accommodation yourself. Normally, this will mean that you are responsible to pay rent and food by yourself. If for any reason you cannot continue to live in the accommodation that you have arranged yourself, you can move to one of the accommodations provided by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Financial support and red-listed areas

Please note that the Swedish Migration Agency has a list of residential areas with social and economic challenges. Anyone who chooses to live in such an area may lose their right to financial support from the Swedish Migration Agency.

You can check if the address you are considering moving to will inflict on your right to financial support on this address:


Notify the Swedish Migration Agency of your address

Remember to notify the Swedish Migration Agency of your address if you arrange your accommodation yourself.

Are you under pressure or being subject to violence?

The Swedish police have a non-urgent phone number, +46 77 114 14 00, for all cases that do not concern ongoing or recent crimes and events. It is open 24 hours a day, all year around.

Is the situation urgent? Call 112. It is to the police that you turn to report or provide tips about crimes.


you will find us

Eskilstuna stadsmission

Kyrkans Hus Smörparken,
632 20  Eskilstuna

Göteborg stadsmission

Stigbergsliden 6,
Floor 2
414 63 Göteborg
Tel: + 46 031 755 36 00

Kalmar stadsmission

Södra Långgatan 36,
392 31 Kalmar

Linköping stadsmission

Lena Grafl, Migration coordinator
Tel: +46 10 184 21 09

Skåne stadsmission

Malmgatan 1,
211 32 Malmö

Monday to Thursday, 10AM to 3PM

Stockholms stadsmission

Tel: +46 8 684 231 12

Information in English Monday-Friday 9AM-3PM. Information in Ukraine and Russian Monday-Friday 3-4PM

Umeå stadsmission

Kungsgatan 79,
903 30 Umeå

Uppsala stadsmission

Linus Rysén, supervisor in integration issues
Tel: + 46 073-047 82 74

Västerås stadsmission

Ateljégatan 4,
724 71 Västerås
Tel: 021-404 440

Örebro stadsmission

Jonas Andersson, Migration coordinator
Tel: +46 19-31 31 15

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